Divine Living experience

Leven vanuit de flow


Let’s live heaven on earth NOW!

Not a bit, not alone, not a while. But all the way, together for at least a week :)

The center is ready. The field is prepared. Life will open for us. Let’s surrender into the divine flow of life.

That’s what’s next!

What we know from our divine living experience ourselves and that with groups is:

  • it’s perfect the way it is
  • you get so much energy from being and doing who you really are
  • it is absolute fulfilling
  • you feel so alive
  • it’s the new way of living


Program ;-)

The gate is open Monday 15th of August at 3 o’clock pm

~ Anything can enfold, let’s follow the flow of life ~

The gate get closed Friday 19th of August at 3 o’clock pm


We have 7 room’s available.


For who?

✔️You are in contact with yourself (divine being)

✔️You have the ability to reflect self

✔️You are selfsourced and ready to share

✔️You ‘know’ that you have to be in this experience

Nice! We too and so ready to follow the divine flow together!


We ask €540 for the place and the field that we prepared so we can dive deep/surrender immediately.

The center (and we:) will be clean and beautiful to welcome you.

For the first evening we will arrange a dinersoup or salad.

We give you a room to sleep and everyone can ‘use’ the whole center and garden.


Time to live and play together with All of creation!