Heartland - experience

Heartland is calling... do you feel called?

Do you long to co-create with us what we call Heartland, a place where awakened living is a fact?

At the Katalpa Life Center we are since 2019 building our first Heartland.

How it begun ..

First we worked with the land and the infrastructures. Together with the masters and Elohim of the 7 sacred flames we established powerful ever expanding vortexes for alignment of heaven and earth connection. An important aspect of the work was the further balancing and harmonizing of the masculine and feminine energies. Constant purification and a focus on love, peace and beauty created what we call the 'Katalpa Field', a pure vibration of peace and remembrance. Our guests experience a natural dropping out of their head into the heart. They call it Home.
Deep peace, silence, expansion and connection with Higher Self is a natural result of being at Katalpa.

Once the Katalpa Field established we returned to the initial calling of Katalpa, Essential Living. Living from within. Inside-out Living.
hat is where Heartland showed up. In winter 2022 while enjoying a cosy moment around the fireplace the word 'Heartland' came through. Not knowing what exactly was Heartland, we felt a deep joy in our heart, we remembered why we did all the preparation work, the ultimate goal of awakening was not returning to Heaven, but bringing Heaven on Earth. Landing the innate wisdom of the Heart.


A few days later, while sitting in meditation the following invitation came through, we knew it was not only an invitation to ourselves but also to our beloved brothers and sisters, a call from Heartland:

" Do you long to co-create with us what we call Heartland, a place where awakened living is a fact?
Together we discover keys for divine living, living from the awakened heart. 

We learn about living in the now, letting go of mental control and lack beliefs, trusting divine inspiration and flow. 

We practice what our beloved brother Jeshua inspires us to do, the art of creating and letting go of 'making'.

We give everything back to Source, the only creator.

In a way, we learn to move as One, while being truthful to our specific frequency and talents. 

It's all about envisioning the future as it wants to emerge from source, unobstructed by our human limiting beliefs and concepts. 

It's certainly together, we all bring keys from the Kingdom to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Together we remember and download the patterns of a new society inline with our divine origins".


The invitation 
So we feel that the time is at hand to open our center to welcome our brothers and sisters who feel called to bring their unique talents, gifts, visions and alignments with Source, Time to Land Heartland, time to download and live the patterns for our collective future.


Do you feel called? 


Feel free to join our Heartland Living Experience when you feel called from within:
Called to open your heart to your unique connection with Self.
Called to express what emerges through you.
Called to bring your authentic true self in connection with others.
Called to enter the Heartland Spaces (6) we discovered d
uring the first Heartland Experience week (june 2023). 



Small group dedicated participants
2 group-rounds each day
6 Heartland-spaces to be opened and discovered
No pre-established program -  just the willingness to be open and available
Personal and collective expansion experience
In service of collective awakening.


Price: € 775,- (room) €875 (studio)
Time: monday 3 pm - friday 12 am


Feel called? Please join here !