Heartland spaces


Heartland Beingness - space
This part of Heartland is foundational, it's where it all starts, alignment with Source, Self, God, Life (whatever the name we want to give to it).
We no longer identify with our limited (small) self.
Individually and together we take the time during the day to be present and aligned. When needed we welcome whatever wants to be seen and felt and embrace it with unconditional love.
By being Present and aligned, we are 'available' to let Life live through us.
That's where we meet our brothers and sisters. That’s where I becomes We.
That’s where we open another space .. 


Heartland Transformation- space

Where the frequency of Beingness touches form, it’s effect is trans-form-ation. The old ways will no longer work. A deep deconditioning and natural deconstruction will take place. It’s a natural process when consciousness expands.
The invitation here is to let go which is no longer serving. The mind will try to resist but with a good foundation of beingness, it will let loose. The reign of the mind comes to and end to give way to the wisdom of the heart. Opposites will find their balance (male/female, alone/joined, light/dark, heaven/earth). Healing takes place effortlessly. Healing is collective, we do it together.
A new way of living will emerge. Earth will become (again), the land of the Awakened Heart.


Heartland Nurturing - space
In this space everyone and everything will be embraced with loving kindness. We take time to nurture body, mind and soul. It is joyful, warm, safe and unforgettable moment in Heartland. Everyone listens to whatever he/she needs in the now-moment. It can be a touch of loving hands, listening to encouraging gentle words, lying in the arms of a loving brother or sister, a song, ..  whatever is needed in the now-moment. We nourish each other so that together we can experience deep connection, unconditional love and oneness.

Heartland Envisioning- space

When the mind is calm, the heart open, the body safe and warm, images of the future will emerge. They pop up from the Heart, images that feel vibrant and alive. These images are like memories of a long forgotten past, memories of the old days where we remembered our divine origins.
We share these images with each other. We contemplate the divine template, the divine way of living on earth as if it already took place. We envision the future by remembering our heritage.
What does it look like living from the awakened heart? A world where people live together in love, no more lack consciousness, no fear, connected, One. We share our dreams and envision our common future. In this space creation takes place, like a magnet it will attract..


Heartland Co-creation - space

Here we go into action. Some of the envisioned images of our future will be so alive and vibrant that they'll inspire us to take action. Not from willpower but for the sheer fun of creation. We do it together. We build, improve, discover. We bring into manifestation what we before shared in the heart. This type of co-creation is not only a joint creation between human beings, it's a joint creation with all the realms including the higher octaves of light (Elohim, Angelic Host, Ascended masters, ..).  


Heartland Celebration - space

Celebration is a major cornerstone of Heartland. Celebrating the good life. Honoring the perfection of and in every now-moment. While creating we enjoy also the process of creation and close the circle. We contemplate the experience as it was and distill the wisdom from it. In this space we are grateful and joyful. We celebrating the good, the holy and the beautiful. We enjoy Life!
The way we celebrate is an ongoing discovery (dancing, singing, laughing, playing, sharing a good meal,  ..)