Heartland spaces

Welcome to Heartland, where the journey of Beingness unfolds in transformative spaces that resonate with the essence of Life itself. 

Heartland BEINGNESS - space

At the core of Heartland lies the foundational space of Heartland Beingness. Here, we embark on a journey of alignment with Source, the Self, and the greater essence of existence. Shedding the limitations of our small selves, we embrace presence and alignment with unconditional love, allowing Life to flow through us. It is in this space that individual paths converge into a collective journey, where 'I' seamlessly merges into 'We', opening doors to deeper connections and shared experiences.


Heartland TRANSFORMATION - space

Moving forward, we delve into the transformative realm of Heartland Transformation. As the frequency of Beingness touches form, profound changes occur. Old paradigms dissolve, making room for a natural deconstruction and deep deconditioning. In this space, the mind relinquishes its reign to the wisdom of the heart, and opposites find harmony. Together, we undergo collective healing, paving the way for a new way of living—a world where Earth blossoms as the land of the Awakened Heart.


Heartland NURTURING - space

In Heartland Nurturing, love and kindness envelop every being and every moment. Here, we nurture body, mind, and soul, creating a warm and safe haven for all. Listening to the needs of the present moment, we offer support and nourishment, fostering deep connections and a sense of oneness.

Heartland ENVISIONING - space

As the mind calms and the heart opens, we step into the realm of Heartland Envisioning. Here, vibrant images of the future emerge, rooted in divine origins and shared visions. Together, we explore what it means to live from the awakened heart, envisioning a world of love, abundance, and unity. We contemplate the divine template, the divine way of living on earth as if it already took place. We envision the future by remembering our heritage. What does it look like living from the awakened heart? We share our dreams and envision our common future. In this space seeds will be planted in the collective consciousness and creation takes place, like a magnet it will attract.


Heartland Co-CREATION - space

In Heartland Co-creation, inspired by our shared visions, we embark on a journey of joyful creation. As we join forces with all realms, including the higher octaves of light, we bring our collective dreams into manifestation, building, discovering, and evolving together.


Heartland CELEBRATION - space

Finally, in Heartland Celebration, we honor the beauty and perfection of life and the journey we've undertaken. Through dance, song, laughter, and shared meals, we revel in the joy of existence, expressing gratitude for the good, the holy, and the beautiful.

Welcome to Heartland—a space where Beingness transforms into creation, celebration, and collective evolution.
Join us on this journey of love, connection, and awakening.