Envisioning our common future by Living it now!

Heartland is calling...


Do you long to co-create with us what we call Heartland, a place where awakened living is a fact?

At the Katalpa Life Center we are since 2019 building our first Heartland. Together we discover keys for divine living, living from the awakened heart. 
We learn about living in the now, letting go of mental control and lack beliefs, trusting divine inspiration and flow. 
We practice what our beloved brother Jeshua inspires us to do, the art of creating and letting go of 'making'.
We give everything back to Source, the only creator.
In a way, we learn to move as One, while being truthful to our specific frequency and talents. 

It's all about envisioning the future as it wants to emerge from source, unobstructed by our human limiting beliefs and concepts. 
It's certainly together, we all bring keys from the Kingdom to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.
Together we remember and download the patterns of a new society inlign with our divine origins.

We now feel that the time is at hand to open our center to welcome our brothers and sisters who feel called to bring their unique talens, gifts, visions and alignments with Source.

Feel free to get in touch with us, beloved ones, it is time. Remember what we agreed upon before this incarnation. Let's do it, create Heaven on Earth and live Awake !