Divine Living


You are living an in between life.
You feel in all your cells that the old has played itself out.
But you also do not know yet what is next to come..

We open our place for you where you can feel, follow and live YOUR flow.

A place where you can BE, be silent, contemplate, discover and get inspired.

You will have your own tiny house on a beautiful spot in the garden, with mini bedroom, shower, toilet, kitchen and livingroom.


2 hours a day you take care of the place, that can be in the garden, with the animals, doing duty’s or what is at hand in the moment.

It is possible to work online for a couple hours a day but we do not recommend that.

You are here in the first place for your self, to find your flow and meaning in life.
You feel already pretty selfsourced and are open to get inspired by the moment, or what life will enfold for you.

Weekly’s we will sit with you and feel into your personal process. We both have our own life and meat up when both long for it.


One month €450