Divine Co Creative Living


In this way of living you know who you are, a pure soul of light and love who is one with All of Creation.

There is no neediness in witch level whatsoever, all that you feel and are is welcome but you are selfsourced so you can play and create.

We live together in an open and transparent way and in the same time we all stay aligned with our higher self.

We trust the divine timing in all we do, feel, create and experience.

As commonground we act from the we-field and let this field to show us our next steps.

If our painbodies need some healing or there are problems on the superficial level, we are willing to reflect honestly and don’t let the mind to take over (too long).

We always look for the highest potential in all of creation.

There are no expectations so we can totally trust the process to unfold perfectly.

We feel absolute fulfilled 💖